Who are we?

"Laughter isn't the best medicine, sometimes it's the only medicine." 

Karl Egbert 


Behind the pencil

Karl Egbert is a born and raised Colorado native. He grew up near Denver and had an active imagination from the time he was little. As a young boy he would spend is free time playing imagination filled games, including running his own imaginary sports teams. He has always loved telling stories and drawing cartoons. As he grew older he saw a need to provide for his wonderful family. He graduated from Colorado School of Mines in mechanical engineering and pursued his desire to start his own business. Over 20 years later and business is doing well. Now it is time to turn back to his true love for more family time and cartoons!  

2006 Egbert Photos - Yo Keh Pepe Expedit

Family is the first 

The Egbert family is full of creative imagination and a deep love for Disney. They spend 98% of their vacation time at Disney World. Karl has always had deep love for the people around him and many of his cartoons and stories reflect the stories and personalities of those he loves most. Many of his stories were written for his own children when they were young to teach them valuable principles and help them keep dreaming. Most the Egbert kids are grow and starting their own families, but the traditions of storytelling and creativity only grow stronger. Join us all in this journey to bring joy to a crazy world.