G'bat the K'nat

By Karl Egbert 


In the land of Misty Ness there is quite a tale, of the smallest of creatures, whose deeds they did all hail.

It began in the spring with the birth of the gnats, but there’s one in particular whose name is G’bat.

They were born near the lake by the big waterfall, with green plants and green trees, and the mist covered all.

Soon after their birth the other gnats did leave, to seek out their fortunes and their goals to achieve.

They went to the land of Sluff Offen where the sun shone all day. But all they really did was learn how to play!

But not small G’bat, near home he did stay. To take care of his elders but never for pay.

All the day long he would work on repairs. To fix up their homes ‘cause he knew how to care.

Over in Sluff Offen the gnats’ wings were dry. So, as fast as a bullet, those gnats, they would fly!

But not in Misty Ness. the mist made G’bat slow. Yet he loved what he did, So his whole heart did glow.

Soon came the day for the fastest Gnat games, and a gnat’s biggest chance to enjoy lots of fame.

G’bat came to watch the fastest Gnat crowned. When out of the crowd, there arose quite a sound.

It was old G’Fhar Gnat, the wisest gnat of all. He claimed that the fastest, was the one from the falls.

“G’bat,” he exclaimed, “has served me and my kin, and when it is over – it is he who will win.”

The other gnats laughed, they mocked and they jeered. “When this race is over, he’ll bring up the rear!”

G’bat was surprised and quite scared to boot. He had seen the others fly, and, boy, could they scoot!

The others were bigger, with wings that were fast. While G’bat was much smaller, he’d surely be last.

But never defeated G’bat took the test. He got to the line to give it his best.

Come the start of the gun, he was soon in last place. So G’bat worked harder, he had no time to waste.

Then, suddenly, he realized he was not in last place. And at the finish line, G’bat won the race!

“How could this be?” the other gnats exclaimed. “The fact that G’bat has just won the game.”

“We’ve seen him before, he was never that fast. How did he win? When he should have been last!”

“Easy,” said old G’Fahr Gnat. “Just listen and you’ll see.” “With the mist off his wings, he can fly like a bee.”

“G’bat enjoys service while you play in the sun.” “G’bat has found balance while you just found fun.”

“G’bat worked for others the entire day long. And the mist - his adversity, has made his wings strong.”

So that one day in the land of Misty Ness, G’bat the smallest gnat had gained true success.

But what’s really important, was not just the above, what’s really Important was the way that he loved.