Bugs Outback


By Karl Egbert


G’day mates, my name is Zeb and I’ll be your guide into the wonderful world of your own out-back yard. 

So pack your bags and bring your lunch because we’ve got a wild adventure ahead, or maybe behind – your house!

Make a map of the outback of your backyard.  You never know what we might encounter… 

Remember your log book to make notes and drawings of the fabulous creatures that we discover.

Let’s begin…

Day one – Our first discovery: 

The Grasshopper:

With his large legs, he loves to jump.  He jumps up on rocks, he jumps up on stumps.

The Centipede:

With hundreds of legs, which feet does he use?  Or even more puzzling, where does he find shoes?

The Caterpillar:

He is green, he is lumpy, he has lots of feet.  But what he does best, is  eat, eat, eat, eat!

The Worm:

Slimy and brown, he digs in the ground.  But without any eyes, he goes round and round.

The Gnat:

Smaller than a fly and green like the leaves.  He never flies straight, he flies with a weave.

The Fly:

His wings beat so quick, he’s a really fast dude.  He buzzes around, then lands on my food.

The Spider:

Black, brown, or tan, he can be quite furry.  He spins out his web like he’s in a huge hurry.

The Bee:

Working and working, there’s no time to be funny.  He works all the day long to make lots of honey.

The Butterfly:

Most beautiful of all, a sight to behold.  Her wings are all colored with red, blue and gold.


It’s amazing what you can see, if you’ll just walk out your door.  A world of wonder awaits you every day in every way. Look all around – search in the sky, in the grass, in the trees, under the rocks, in the water and more. A world of creation for your observation.

 © Karl Egbert 1998 and 2002