Light House Stand Alone?

By Karl Egbert 

Does a Lone Lighthouse Stand Alone?


“What a night.” exclaimed   Morris as he gazed over the balcony of the lighthouse.


The sun struggled this morning to break through the deep, dark clouds that still     remained from the treacherous storm of the night before.  The storm had brought rains, winds, and fog such as Morris had never seen.  As Morris squinted into the beams of sunlight of the early morning, he could see the water droplets still glistening on the rocks below.


The lighthouse stood prominently along a point on the coast high atop a massive cliff of jagged rocks which sank deep into the mighty waves of the ocean below.

Morris could now see the large ship which lay anchored far off the beach that only the night before was tossed and turned by the ocean’s waves and turbulent winds during the storm.

The lighthouse warning system had saved this ship from certain destruction.  He could see the crew of ship beginning to start the new day as they prepared to depart the dangerous point.  They waved to him in solemn gratitude.

 “Wow, that really was quite the storm, I am glad that they are safe.”  whispered Morris.

“Me too,” came the voice from the lighthouse, “I am glad that I could save them.”

 Morris turned to look at the lighthouse, “we have a great  responsibility, I am honored that we can serve in protecting so many.”

 “We?  exclaimed the lighthouse, “it is I, that saved the voyagers from the storm and the rocks, I stood alone before the storm and brought forth the light and horns of safety.”

 “Oh is that so, you think that you stand alone and no one else stands with you in these days and nights?”  questioned Morris.

“Certainly, I stand alone!”  said the lighthouse.

 “And what of Crawford, the excavator, the one who came in the beginning to dig your foundation deep into the rocks.  He not only dug and blasted into the solid rock for you but also poured the concrete to secure that foundation to be as solid as those rocks.  His expertise and hard work will support your structure for many years to come. ”  replied Morris to the lighthouse.

“Well maybe he helped me stand… but now I stand alone before the storms and dark nights.”  answered the lighthouse.

“Oh you do?  Then what of Bowser the mason, who used his skills to carefully place each and every block into position and place mortar to ensure that each block would be firm and steadfast.  Bowser, built for many days to make you stretch high into the sky so that your tower would be seen by travelers for many miles.”  responded Morris.

“Yea but still it was I who was here in the storm last night,”  countered the lighthouse.

 “And what of Dzuban, the light maker, he is known far and wide for his lights that stand atop lighthouse all over the world.  His lights are clear and bright, they shine forth piercing the darkest nights.  His lenses focus the light to sharp beams that can be directed to each and every boat which passes closely to our shores.” answered Morris.

 “Then there is Christensen, the horn builder, he has come to give you voice on the foggiest nights.  His horns are pure and loud.  Many have come to let us know that they can hear the fog horn that you blow for many miles.  The voyagers at sea have said that even in the darkest nights, when the waves crash all about and the rain pelts their ships, that they can hear the lonely bellow of our fog horn warning them of their great  danger.”

“Well I, ah, I mean well, ah,” stuttered the lighthouse.

 “And don’t forget Logan, the fuel keeper.  Logan has supplied the fuel to light your light  for many years.  Even in those times when fuel was difficult to find and too expensive to purchase, he found a way to always supply the lighthouse with the fuel to burn for the flame that lights the light.  Never have we been without the fuel to warn the voyagers in their times of peril,” continued Morris.

“Hmmm…” thought the lighthouse.

“I can think of many other townsfolk that I have seen come out the coast to serve you, for instance, Parks, the painter that came to paint the walls of your great structure to protect your blocks from the damaging sprays of salt water from the ocean.  The paint has sealed your structure to provide us with a dry interior for living and doing our jobs.”  concluded  Morris.

 The lighthouse stood quietly for some time gazing into the ocean.

“Even you, my trusted friend, have helped me.  You have tended the wicks that burn the fuel for the light.  You have cleaned my steps, and washed my walls.  You have been with me through every storm directing my light to the helpless sailors.  And most of all you have been with me and been my friend.”  answered the lighthouse to Morris.

“Truly, I do not stand alone, so many have helped me along the way.  They have provided me with so much time, guidance and expertise, how can I ever repay them all?”  asked the lighthouse.

“You can not repay them directly my friend.  But you can honor them and their service by standing even more boldly before each and every storm with your foundation firm, with your structure strong, with your light shining forth brightly and your horn of warning  sounding clearly.  You can meet the measure of why you were created and shine forth brightly for all who are in danger among these cliffs and waves of this turbulent sea.”  Morris answered his trusted friend. 

 “As you stand to face the monstrous storms and to sound the voice of warning, no lighthouse stands alone .”

©Karl and M. Egbert 2004